The Unconscious Energy Exchanges We Make

Whilst incarnate we are not aware of what we do on an automatic basis energetically, because it is done subconsciously.

We are only aware of what we do energetically from a conscious basis. So consciously we know what we do deliberately through the energetic, but we are unaware of, and have no control over, what our subconscious is doing energetically.

Based upon this we are not aware of the full functionality of the energy exchanges we make on a minute by minute basis, which includes the giving and receiving of energy. Remember, we are only conscious of 10% of what we think and do whilst incarnate, which by and large ignores the energetic as it focuses on the physical environment.

People who know each other, work with each other, or, are intimate with each other constantly give and take energy from each other. Its a natural and normal function of what we are. So when we are ill it is a natural and automatic function to take energy from one who is close to us to assist in our healing process. This energy is usually given freely and automatically from the person whose energy is being requested.

The problem with this functionality occurs when the giver of the energy cannot afford to give any energy and the loss causes them to become depleted and therefore physically ill themselves.

In this instance the giver of energy needs to shield themselves in order to protect their own energies, allowing them to perform their physical tasks in support of their ill partner, supporting their commitments to them in the process whilst maintaining essential energy levels.

Note though that even advanced spiritualists do not always get energy from higher sources – especially when ill,  and cannot state that they would never take energy from anyone else!

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Simple Rules To Existing in the Physical

  • Observe
  • Experience
  • Record
  • Remember
  • Reflect
  • Forgive
  • Forget (personal intonations)
  • Experientially understand
  • Love
  • Rise above
  • Exist in ultimate knowledge
  • Reflect again
  • Progress

And then – Enjoy

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10-20 El lado osbcuros de la luz, traducción Guy Steven Needler

Este es el décimo de veinte blogs en donde uno de mis lectores preguntó a la Entidad Fuente  por clarificación acerca de temas de la obscuridad que experimentamos o pensamos experimentar, en la Tierra.

P: ¿Porqué la mayoría de las religiones del mundo creen que Dios creó el infierno con el propósito de condenar a las almas rebeldes al infierno?

EF: Primeramente no hay tal lugar como Infierno. Este simplemente no existe. Sin embargo, hay referencia a un lugar en la Tierra que tiene un nombre similar que fue volcánico en su naturaleza. La tierra tiene un contenido alto en sulfuro y era incapaz de tener cultivos. El exilio a este lugar era algo que a veces se usaba como amenazapara mantener a la población en orden

En cuanto a las religiones que creen que Yo, su Origen, su Dios, creé una ubicación, ya sea en la Tierra o en el multiverso puramente para la condenación de las almas rebeldes, esta es una creencia equivocada. ¿Por qué iba yo a querer condenar toda alma, que es en última instancia una unidad individualizada de mi propia conciencia  y energía, a un lugar de castigo cuando sin reservas amo a  cada parte de mí, y acojo todo lo que hacen, la experimentan  y crean -¿No lo Haría!

Todas las religiones tienen una fuente en común, un nivel de entendimiento común acerca de como existir en un el estado encarnado sin atraer karma. Eso es no llegar a ser adictos a las frecuencias bajas de los placeres sensoriales y materialidad eso puede ser muy embriagante, tóxico, en lo físico.

Individuos auto-realizados, los tan llamados  ´iniciadores´ de ciertas religiones, instruyeron de  como lidiar con la existencia encarnada y enseñaron como estar en lo físico sin ser de lo físico.El resultado de no seguir las reglas simples enseñadas siendo transmitidas como un estado al cual se es casi incapaz de entrar en donde uno puede creer plenamente que están abandonados de Dios. Esto se debe a que las frecuencias de un adicto a los placeres sensoriales de baja frecuencia y a la materialidad son tales que desarrollan una personalidad, un “ego” que está separado de su verdadero yo enérgico. El verdadero yo energético está en constante comunión con su creador, Yo, así que este ego, en recuerdo de la comunión con Dios, se siente sólo, sin amor y no deseado.

Basados en esto los individuos auto-realizados ¨fuertemente¨ instruyeron a la población de la necesidad de comportarse, de separarse de la atracción de las frecuencias bajas para que no llegaran a ser adictos a esto y separarse de Dios. Esto fue usado como una amenaza.

Las religiones por lo tanto originalmente usaron un lenguaje simple para controlar, al ¨populus¨en un intento de mantenerlos alejados de la existencia de las  frecuencias bajas  porque esa condición ciertamente es en verdad un lugar horrendo para estar, y ese, puede ser clasificado como ¡Infierno!

Aunque sabe esto; cada alma puede ser savada y ningún alma es dejada en esta condición, no importa que tan rebeldes ellas sean. ¡Ningún alma es dejada fuera de la communion; ningún alma es condenada a el Infierno!


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What are Twins and Why do They Think Like Each Other

Identical twins, or even triplets, are incarnate vehicles that share a common Aspect (Soul).

In this instance the True Energetic Self (Higher Self, Over Soul, God Head) elects to spread the energies of the Aspect projected into the physical across two or three incarnate vehicles concurrently. This does not create a shard or a sub-incarnation but the opportunity to let the Aspect experience two or more incarnate existences as if it were one.

Although similar to the creation of shards in the ability to experience multiple incarnations concurrently, it is not the same. This is because the incarnate vehicles actually share one Aspect, which creates a local collective, and not two/three shards from an Aspect, which creates individuality.

As a result of this type of incarnation the twins/triplets can and do (on a higher level) share the same memories, feelings, emotions, thoughts, sensations and actions as a byproduct of the single Aspect occupying these separate incarnate vehicles.

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Guy Steven Needler At Watkins Book Shop – London Lecture and Signing

Dear Souls,

Please feel free to join me at Watkins Metaphysical Book shop where I will be giving a free lecture from 6:30pm – 7:30pm on Thursday 10th April 2014. My lecture will be on my latest book – Avoiding Karma.

AK-covernewsmallKarma is only a function of the physical universe and our true energetic selves, when attracted to the lower frequencies associated with the physical universe, are linked to it. Hence the need to return to it, to break the link, to break the Karmic cycle. Once the link with the physical is broken, the need to incarnate is no longer necessary and the true energetic self can ascend the frequencies, evolving in the process without needing to experience ever again those lower frequencies associated with the physical universe.

Follow this link for more details:

All talks are free and take place at Watkins bookshop, 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ. (Tel: +44 (0)20 7836 2182) You can catch up on all the recent Watkins talks by spiritual authors on their youtube channel.

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Guy Steven Needler – Interview by James Swagger – Capricorn Radio

Dear Souls,

Please join me as I am being interviewed by James Swagger on Tuesday 8th April 2014 18:00 UK time. (US times 13:00 EST, 12:00 CST, 11:00 MST, 10:00 PST)

James has his own radio show – Capricorn Radio.  We will talk about my books, workshops, correspondence courses and touring. We will also talk about my new book, Avoiding Karma.

Links are below:

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Do We Live In A Virtual Reality

Dear Souls,

Below is a question from one of my readers on the reality we exist within.

Q: What is the nature of reality we live in right now as incarnate humans on Earth? Is it true that we live in a virtual reality? Everything that surrounds us, including our planet and our bodies, consists of data, information in digital form. Sort of like a virtual game we would play on our home PC. So, matter doesn’t really exist. It’s all digital data and it only feels solid to us because we are IN this virtual game. To an outsider it is obvious that this is the case. To the insiders of the game—us—it seems perfectly “real” because otherwise it wouldn’t work as a school and hence we wouldn’t learn our lessons and evolve our consciousness… Are my findings correct or wrong?

SE: That is a reasonable analogy. To enter into the physical an entity needs to recognize that the aspects (souls) communication with the True Energetic Self (Higher Self, God Head, Over Soul) is reduced almost to the point of non-existence, and that any memories of your true self are temporarily removed to assist in the “total immersion” effect. Your very educational film The Matrix is another good example of what you are experiencing whilst incarnate on the lowest frequencies of the physical universe. However, it cannot be called a virtual reality per se because it is one of many realities that you all create to experience, learn and evolve. Note though that everything is a reality to the entity experiencing it, it’s just that some are temporary – all though, are energy and frequency based.

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