Link to the Transcription of my Santa Fe Satsanga – July 2014

Dear Souls,

Please find below a link to the PDF file of the transcription of my Santa Fe Satsanga held in July 2014. Many thanks to US, RMC and JMB for their work on this transcription.


Also find below the “Dropbox” link to the recording. This is a large file. It is circa 2 1/2 hours long (234MB) so will take some to down load. A PDF file of the transcript will be available in the next couple of weeks.

The content of the Satsanga is as follows:

What we are.

How we incarnate.

Our evolutionary process.

The Structure of the Multiverse.

How the relationship of the Hindu Vedas on the breathing in & out of the  Universe relate the movement of the Source Entities within The Origins area of poly-omniscient sentient self-awareness.

This is a *.MOV file and can be played via Apple Quicktime or iTunes

Apple Quicktime and iTunes are a free download from the Apple website. Please follow these links


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The Four Corners of Kosmos – 5 of 8

kosmos coverDear Souls,

This is the Fifth of a series of eight blogs (4 blogs with 2 parts each blog that will be presented one per week) where I present the basics of the book my late Father-In-Law Dennis Milner, completed just before his ascension – Kosmos.


3a – A Simple Technique for Unravelling the Atom

In Article 1, we described how our electrophotography appeared to register auras around leaves and etheric forces forming organic shapes.  Another phenomenon that we recorded in our electrophotography was that of ‘activity tracks’.  These were registered when we put a disc of wet filter paper in the sandwich arrangement and used a lower voltage of 5kv, compared with that which gave the other registrations (usually about 15kv) and a longer exposure time of 10 or more seconds.  Their occurrence built up with increasing time of application of the pulse, so much so that with an exposure of 30 seconds the registration of tracks became very congested, fig.7.


Fig. 7.  An example of the morass of ‘activity tracks’ that registered on the positive side of the sandwich when a 5kv pulse, that had no immediate effect, was maintained for 30 seconds with a disc of wet filter paper in the sandwich arrangement.

In our experimenting to try to understand what these tracks were, we found that we got them when we carried out the experiment in a chamber into which we passed air that had been bubbled through water or simply put a dish of water in the chamber but they did not occur when we filled the chamber with dried air.  This suggested that they were associated with water vapour in the air between the plates. (The ‘chamber’ was a desiccator, where we replaced the glass lid with a thick Perspex plate through which we could fit electrical, vacuum and gas connections),

In the early 20th century two Theosophically-oriented mystics, Besant and Leadbeater, claimed to be able to enter into a state of consciousness, by a technique taught to them by Indian yogis/mystics, in which they could will back the environment around an atom and the atom thereby ‘opened up’.  They were then able to focus their consciousness so as to perceive the atom’s internal structure.  The essential feature of Besant and Leadbeater’s observations was that physical atoms comprise assemblages of much smaller ‘etheric atoms’.  At the basis of all substance are two ‘ultimate atoms’, fig.8 for which they used the Sanskrit name ‘Anu’.  They stated that if the origin of these ultimate atoms is traced further back, then one enters the spiritual or astral world.  These ultimate atoms have currents of force entering and leaving them and the difference between the two ultimate atom types is that in one the force comes from the spiritual world into the etheric atom, whereas in the other the force flows from the etheric atom into the spiritual world.


Fig. 8. The two types of ultimate atoms or Anu observed by Besant and Leadbeater.  Both types comprise spirillae of activity that form a heart shape with a depression at the top. In the positive Anu the flow of spirillae is clockwise downwards from the top and back up again, while in the negative Anu it is anticlockwise.

In Besant and Leadbeater’s account, the two types of Anu are combined together in various numbers and configurations to form a second level of etheric atoms.  The second level etheric atoms are combined together to give rise to a third etheric level and the same thing happens again to give rise to a fourth etheric level which manifest as gaseous atoms.  In this way, Besant and Leadbeater claimed, physical atoms comprise large numbers of Anu.  Hydrogen contains the smallest number of 18 Anu, while heavier atoms contain many hundreds or thousands of Anu.  The Anu are organised and grouped together in various ways to form the atoms of the higher etheric levels.  The higher etheric atoms are in turn grouped together to form physical atoms.

On the basis of the viewpoint expressed in this article, that creation goes through cycles of development, in which in each cycle a universe is created that is a reworking and extension of the previous one, this is how these complex atomic structures have been built up.

Over the period 1895 to 1933 Besant and Leadbeater described the structures of all the elements of the Periodic Table and a number of compounds.  They found that the number of Anu in each atom corresponds with the atomic weight; that is, taking hydrogen which contains 18 Anu as the unit of atomic weight, then dividing the number of Anu which they observed in the atom of any other material by 18 gave its atomic weight as determined by science.  In 1951 Jinarajadasa gathered together the results of these investigations, and some associated material1. Particularly remarkable is the fact that Besant and Leadbeater, in the early 1900’s, from their clairvoyant investigations, described sub-structures to atoms, that scientists have only recently become aware of.  They also described the structures of atoms of substances that, at the time, scientists had not discovered and the structures of isotopes, the existence of which was not then known to scientists.

An atomic physicist, Stephen Phillips has made a detailed comparison of Besant and Leadbeater’s descriptions with current scientific concepts2.  Phillips relates Besant and Leadbeater’s clairvoyant observations to the structures of atomic nuclei and finds that there is a considerable degree of correlation between the two viewpoints.

Some of the ‘chains of activity’ that we registered in our experiments conformed to the descriptions by Besant and Leadbeater, of chains of heart-shaped ‘beads’ and duplex chains which intertwine and chains which, prior to unwinding are coiled spiral-wise, fig.9, and this led us to think that the electrical stress somehow caused atoms of water molecules to ‘unwind’ and it was this that registered on our plates.

a  Homeopathy AAA

bAtom B

Atom C  d Atom D

Fig.9.  (a)  Chains of heart-shaped registrations. (b); (c) and (d), a selection of the other types of registrations that we observed.

To be continued….


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How to Manipulate Time

Have you noticed that time goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself and slowly when you are not? Is this a figure of speech or is it a real observation? Well it does and we, as un-self-recognized master creators in this incarnate condition can and do locally manipulate time. Actually though, we don’t exist in a time based environment, we exist in an event space based environment where that space can be created in a Multiversally, Universally, Galactically, Globally, Group or individually based condition. Before I carry on though, I need to prove that time doesn’t exist, which is actually quite simple because we are given plenty of indications by our creator, The Source.

Most spiritualists state that time does not exist in one breath and then quote that we are ascending into the fifth dimension in the other, bypassing the fourth dimension because it is classified as time. But time does not exist both in the spiritualists mind and in reality so why do we still relate to it. Why are we classified as existing in the third dimension, and, are ascending through the fourth to the fifth if the fourth does not exist. This is because our understanding of our position within the multiversal structure is incorrect. From a structural perspective we exist in the frequencies that inflate the sub-dimensional and full-dimensional structure of the multiverse and not “higher up” in the “dimensional” areas per se. The lowest common denominator is therefore not based upon dimensions, but upon frequencies and it is the frequencies that we ascend through. The so called “fact” that time is assigned as being both the fourth dimension “and” not existing being the major indicator, the milestone on the freeway, that we have an error in our knowledge and  thinking process. Knowledge, experiential knowledge, that time does not exist sets our minds free from convention and allows us to work in a way where we can manipulate that space, a space made up of events, by pure intention.

To prove my case I want to give you an example of how I have manipulated time (event space). In one event I arrived in my home town via a train “late”. I was due to meet a connecting train which was due to depart just minutes later, and, from another train station. The time to walk between these two stations is at least 7-8 minutes and circa 5-6 minutes to run between the two.  I looked at my watch and as I arrived I had just 6 ½ minutes to catch my connection. I focused my intention on arriving, not only in the other station, but on the correct platform on time to meet my connection in time and began a brisk walk. During the journey I focused on arriving on time and not on the possibility of being late. As I approached the half-way point I glanced at my watch, only 2 minutes of “clock” time had passed. I re-focused my intention to arrive on time and continued to walk in the same fashion. I subsequently arrived at the station and made my way to the platform. My intention “still” on arriving in time I arrived at the platform where my train awaited me. I looked at my watch and only 4 ¼ minutes had passed. I had stretched the event space I was in to get from one station to another. I had stretched or “manipulated” time and had arrived with 2 ¾ minutes to spare.

I have also used my intention in a similar way to compress event space, making the “time” spent doing something I didn’t like doing shorter.

Try it yourself!

Use two synchronized watches to prove the point, one inside your local event space and one outside, and, you will see for yourself how you can use your intention to manipulate time in this way. You will need to have your intention perfectly aligned with success though – WITH NO DOUBT!

The example at the start of the article illustrated that enjoyment makes the passage of the event go faster, because we don’t want it to end, and, dislike makes the passage of the event go slower, because we want it to end. These desires use our intention to affect the structure of the local event space peculiar to ourselves and how it interacts with the wider event space that are group and globally based. Armed with this knowledge and with a neutral mind about an event we can actively expand or contract the event space we create at will.

So how do we exist within everyone else’s event space? That being, if we locally manipulate time how do we work with the same event space (time frame) as those around us.

Note again that we are in our own locally created event space and when we stop concentrating on time we allow, it, our event space, to normalize and we slowly, “and gradually”, normalize our time frame, our event space, to that equal to those around us. That being, our local event space harmonizes with the other event spaces around us and adopts the average of all the local event spaces, and, the overall group event space of the Earth, Galaxy, Universe and Multiverse.



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The Four Corners of Kosmos – 4 of 8

kosmos coverDear Souls,

This is the Fourth of a series of eight blogs (4 blogs with 2 parts each blog that will be presented one per week) where I present the basics of the book my late Father-In-Law Dennis Milner, completed just before his ascension – Kosmos.


2b – An Evolutionary-Wholistic View of Creation

The nature and workings of the Absolute – Continued

This description of everything being part of a self evolving God/Absolute is not new, it was expressed in the ancient aphorism6.

God sleeps in the mineral

Dreams in the vegetable

Stirs in the animal

Awakens in Man

 According to this viewpoint God/the Absolute evolves through the stages of a mineral-like state, a vegetable-like state, an animal-like state and then fully awakens in Humanity.  In humanity it/we are developing a conscious awareness of the nature and workings of everything and the conscious ability to exploit potentials for further development.  But, according to the ECEs we are only at the beginning of this phase of evolution:

Brian:  Evolution hasn’t really started yet, not proper evolution.  Humanity will evolve to huge heights.  It’s going to be an intimate working with each other at spiritual levels in a spiritual evolution.  In the present evolution there have been a few individuals who have reached heights and brought some awareness of it back.  What will happen is that everyone will be doing these things.  Ordinary common people – this is the point of the group – we are ordinary people.   All this stuff that we have begun to understand and expose is for mankind, everyone to work with.  The point of this experiment is conveying this knowledge to other people.  Not to influence society and not to make big noises, but to live it ourselves, to give it to our immediate acquaintances, to put it out the best way we can to people we don’t know, but aiming it low not high.  It’s not to be esoteric, it’s not to be clever.  Its point is to bring knowledge of this other world and this greatness to life.  Our particular inclination is towards understanding and knowledge.  This is what we are doing and what we are after.  But there are hundreds of groups that are doing the same thing as us but in medicine, in poetry and art and literature and all walks of life, in business and warfare.  In everything it is bringing it to ordinary levels and living these things – to mix these spiritual worlds with daily life – not in an orthodox religious way.  It’s just a life that is lived, without thinking that this is an alternative or new way, but that this is the natural way.

The Workings of the Absolute Viewpoint and the Modern Scientific Big Bang Theory of Creation

At first sight it would seem that there is a conflict between these two viewpoints but this was resolved by other ECE imagery, that Brian was given:

Brian:  I see a band surrounded by emptiness on all sides.  It is a living band, it’s like a primitive creature, a Uroborus which is eating its tail — This has become a spectrum that forms a loop which is a series of spectra that go round and make a circuit, fig 6.

 Big Bang

Fig.6.  Brian’s expanded consciousness imagery of a ring of ‘spectra of creation’ through which an active principle works.

Travelling in the circuit is a flow going round and round.  All the spectra are different, so that this circulation experiences different things as it passes through the various spectra.  It’s not that this circulation has any form of intelligence or in fact, inquisitiveness or anything like that.  It is just that it is dynamic and goes round the ring.  There is no centre to this thing, but what you would call consciousness comes from the passage of this flow across the spectrum.  The dynamic part lights up the different bits of the spectra as it goes round.  Consciousness arises at the interface between the spectrum that gets lit and the flow that goes past it.  As the active part flows on it lights up a different spectrum and the first lot die down.  It’s not that they lose consciousness because they don’t actually have consciousness.  Consciousness is a continuous thing.  It goes round with the circuit.  It’s entirely within — Now there is a tension and an explosion from the centre of the ring.  The active flow has been dissipated and the spectrum has been shattered, fragmented.  The activity likes to flow in channels, or it likes to flow.  It then wafts around like a breeze in the morning.  It passes over all the various fragments that have been dispersed and consciousness begins to arise at all these separate interfaces.  Now I see it pull together again and I have an image of a little tiny hard grey solid sphere.  This then blows up with tremendous force and violence.  Then it is sucked back down and you’ve got this little ball again.

When it first becomes active, the Kosmos undergoes random eruptions, in each of which an aspect of its energy/self is activated.  Then its activity evolves, to become a continuous  circulation through the ‘spectra’ of what has been activated.   At this stage it is seeking to carry on activating new aspects of its potentials but when there are no further aspects to activate the pressure of its striving to do so builds up, to create a primitive sort of ‘frustration’ and it ‘blows up’.

This is a manifestation of the punctuated evolution principle whereby evolution proceeds along established lines, in this case a continual activating of more and more different aspects of the energy of which it consists, until there are no more aspects to activate so that its pressure to evolve further is blocked and builds up until it causes it to ‘blow up’.  It then changes to a new mode of evolution in which the energy finds an outlet by working through the already-activated aspects, seeking to evolve these further and when this has been carried as far as it can, it ‘closes down’ and the pressure to evolve builds up and generates an impulse for another cycle of development, as in the imagery that Andy had of the Absolute working through the cloak of his creation.  Our Universe arises in such a cycle and scientists have traced this back to its ‘explosive beginning’, which has given rise to the Big Bang theory.  But, according to the ECEs there has been a long history of prior development before this current Big Bang cycle.  According to this viewpoint there is no creator following a pre-determined plan, creation comes about as the result of the Absolute expressing its desire and ability to be active and, in so doing, its activities take on a life and pattern of development of their own.


  1. DAVIES, Paul: The Cosmic Blueprint, London, Heinemann, London, 1987
  2. STEINER, Rudolf. Steiner’s works are voluminous.  Theosophy gives an account of the human soul and spirit and the human aura.  Occult Science gives his cosmology.
  3. WACHSMUTH, Guenther, The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man, Anthroposophical Publishing Co, London 1932
  4. MILNER, Dennis (Ed.): Explorations of Consciousness, Neville Spearman, London, 1978
  5. MILNER, Dennis, Kosmos: An Evolutionary-Wholistic Account of Creation, Authors Online, Bedfordshire, England, 2006
  6. This aphorism is attributed variously to the Kabbalah, the Druids, the Sufis, and the 12th century Persian poet/mystic Rumi, see Google search ‘God sleeps in the mineral’

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Remaining 2014 ‘Traversing the Frequencies’ Workshop Dates

My final two Workshop events for 2014 are detailed below.
Please click on the links for more information


ImageUK- Letchworth

broadway hotel Tel: 01462 480111

14th November – Level 3 workshop & Evening Lecture on ‘Avoiding Karma’
15th/16th November – Levels 1&2 workshops
Tickets/more details on Eventbrite
or Email Guy

ImageSwitzerland – Chur Wander- und Skihotel Gürgaletsch

21st November –  Friday evening Lecture on ‘Avoiding Karma’
22nd/23rd November Levels 
1&2 workshops
Email Guy for more information

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What is the Ego and how does it affect Our Spiritual Progression?

In Human terms the ego can be loosely recognized as a state of beingness. That beingness can be described as; if someone is considered to have a “big ego”, they are considered to think a lot of themselves and are ambitious. These people are usually highly materialistic and not in control of their thoughts. Conversely, if someone is considered to have little or no ego they are considered to be introvert or lacking in ambition. They are usually not very materialistic and are generally in control of their thoughts.

In both of these cases the ego is the controlling factor in our daily incarnate lives. The size of the ego alluding to the level of control the ego has on us. So, if the ego has control of us what is it exactly?

The ego is a creation, a temporary creation. It is created as a result of an aspect (soul) of our True Energetic Self (TES – sometimes called the Over Soul, Godhead or Higher Self) being separated out from the TES and projected into the lowest frequencies associated with our  multiversal environment, to experience learn and evolve in an accelerated way.

To experience this evolutionary acceleration the aspect (soul) must enter into the frequencies in the way they are best experienced, as if it were part of them. To do so it needs to associate itself with a vehicle which it can animate energetically. This vehicle is, in our instance, the human form. Notice I said “form” and not “body”. It is classified as the human form because it uses 10 frequency levels to create it. Three gross physical, four spirituo-physical – the partially energetic condition that makes up the semi physical/energetic components of the human form – sometimes called the “Astral”, and three energetic frequencies that allow the TES to project an aspect of itself, complete with sentience, in an energetic “step down” function that allows partial communication between the aspect and the TES whilst associated with the lower frequencies that make up the human form.

This condition of being in “partial communication”, or even almost “zero communication” is what creates the ego. The ego is therefore a condition where the sentience associated with the energies that are the aspect (soul) associate themselves in an isolated or individualized way with the gross physical aspect of the human form, the “body”. They “are” the human body.

The ego is a temporary or transient condition because it can only exist whilst the human form is operational (alive), and, when we are not self-realized. When the human form demises (dies) it dissolves, although the experiential memories of what we are whilst incarnate are not lost because they are always transmitted to the TES in parallel with the experience itself.

The ego can also be dissolved if we work on our spiritual development and regain contact with our TES or higher self. The ego knows this and does everything in its power to stay in control, in power, “alive” for as long as it can, and so will work hard on arresting our spiritual progression.

As incarnate aspects of our TES our main role is to become spiritually self-realized whilst incarnate, resuming communication with our TES in the process, working in the physical whilst not being of the physical. In this condition there is no room for the ego and it dissolves. The ego knows this and is patient, sly and resourceful and can use convoluted methods to trick and fool us into thinking we have mastered it. It infuses us with feelings of self-consciousness, failure, depression, success, materialism, status and pride. Success and pride are two emotions the ego uses with skill because we can feel these emotions as a result of being pleased with our spiritual progress. And, when it uses these to the best of its ability we can “think” we are making spiritual progress when in effect we are not. Notice how some of the most spiritual people also have the biggest egos!

The very moment we think that we have mastered the ego we have lost the battle and the ego is back in control of us and our thoughts, and, we lose some of our spiritual progression. So stay aware, stay observant by observing yourself in a passive and non-judgmental way and look for the signs of the ego rising within you, then act upon it and continue your spiritual progression and your goal of becoming self-realized whilst incarnate.



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The Four Corners of Kosmos – 3 of 8

kosmos coverDear Souls,

This is the Third of a series of eight blogs (4 blogs with 2 parts each blog that will be presented one per week) where I present the basics of the book my late Father-In-Law Dennis Milner, completed just before his ascension – Kosmos.


 2a – An Evolutionary-Wholistic View of Creation

The theoretical physicist Paul Daniels1 has reviewed phenomena that show a creative power and self-organising ability in Nature and concludes that it is not possible to explain this in terms of molecules and inter-atomic forces and that there must be ‘something going on behind it all’. We thought that the mystic’s explanation of life/etheric, soul/feeling and spirit/thinking activities lying behind Nature might resolve these problems but the mystic’s explanations were vague. The most comprehensible account we found was by Rudolf Steiner2.  This was of a hierarchy of spiritual beings working in a ‘cosmic ether’, to implement the plan of a remote, awe-inspiring Godhead, in which a  key feature is that all forms come about as the result of four ‘etheric forces’.  But to determine whether our experimental results could be explained in these terms we needed a better understanding of these forces.  While struggling to understand Steiner’s ideas, as conveyed by his accolyte Wachsmuth3, we came across an expanded consciousness technique with which we experimented to see if we could perceive these forces for ourselves.

Working with an expanded consciousness technique

We found it comparatively easy to achieve an expanded consciousness state in which we got insights by images, feelings or words4.   These conveyed information that could be comparatively mundane, or seemingly from a source of great wisdom, depending on the nature and quality of our questing and/or what the ‘source’ seemed to think we needed to know.    In these expanded consciousness experiences (ECEs) the other members of the group entered into an expanded consciousness state while I acted as a guide to try and understand and control what was going on.  At first the insights were concerned with the inner problems and development of the group members but then we found we could ask questions about the etheric force activity in our experiments and it seemed we had established contact with intelligencies that could in some way perceive the workings of these forces and had a much larger and deeper vision of the workings of the Universe, so that, although we did not uncritically accept the viewpoint put forward in the ECEs, we ‘consulted’ them to see if they could help us.   However, despite pursuing this ‘ECE dialogue’ for many months we could not get a satisfactory explanation for our results.  Then an image that purported to be Steiner appeared saying that we needed to bring the Christ force into our work.

Harry:  I have an image of Steiner.  The link is very strong between him, or them, and us.  But there’s something we’ve got to do.   We have to open ourselves up and bring the Christ force into our own resources.

None of us had any religious convictions nor, at this stage of our work, any understanding of the Christ force, but the ECEs gave us information on the nature of the Christ force and the Christ path, as with the following selections from Harry:

Harry:  If one mentions the Christ force and the Christ path one imagines all sorts of spiritual, mystical, holy sort of feelings but it’s not like that.  It’s a very practical down-to-earth sort of thing.  The Christ path is a very patient path: it just waits for people to join it.  I get the picture that the Christ force doesn’t assert itself.  It’s there but it fades into the background. 

At first the ECEs had pursued Steiner’s viewpoint that everything happened according to the plan of a remote Godhead but after this our ECEs portrayed an all-embracing Godhead who evolves through His Creation.

Brian:  We’ve thought about the Godhead being something untouchable, incomprehensible, unapproachable.  But we don’t need to.  We are tiny but the principles embodied in us are part of the Godhead, we are part of him, we contain all we need to know. It’s not that you go up and up and reach the top.  He’s in evolution himself.  He doesn’t know what is going to go on, in that he is as much involved in it as we are because we are him.   All that goes on in this world goes on inside the Godhead.  This is not chaotic, there is order, a specific way of things.

We found this idea of everything consisting of an all-embracing, evolving Godhead difficult to grasp, (even though we were given ECEs conveying various  governing principles about how this worked – which we could not properly comprehend), so that we made little progress in our understanding until the idea of a creator Godhead was replaced by an ’Absolute’.

The nature and workings of the Absolute

 Brian:  I have an image of the Absolute and the Absolute is All, Everything.  It is the Beginning and the End.  The Absolute shakes itself, centres itself and creates Soul.  Soul is desire – desire for perfection.  Soul experiences desire because it is empty.  Soul desires to know and be known, to love and be loved.  One’s soul lies within waiting to be nurtured, fed, brought up and developed in the same way that the Universal soul within the body of the Absolute is developing and realising itself.

We could relate to these soul qualities of desire and love etc. but the problem was, on this basis how do all the physical phenomena of the universe come about?  Then Ted had an ECE that portrayed the beginning of ‘physical activity’ by the Absolute.

Ted:  I’m drawn back to the stage when all is one – a vast quiet nothingness.  Then parts of it begin to move, parts of it arise and collapse.  Then somewhere else a centre arises – for a brief moment the part that is outside witnesses the turmoil and with this comes the appreciation of the raw potential.  It’s not a case of thinking about what can be made and then assembling the materials to do it.  This happens the other way round.  The Absolute gets to know itself and then it recognises what it can do.  This is something that develops as it goes along.

According to this viewpoint everything is part of an ‘Absolute/Energy’ which starts in a dormant unconscious state that experiences a succession of impulses which cause eruptions’ of activity to take place in it (in much the same way that a baby experiences unconscious impulses that cause it to erupt into activity).   In each eruption it activates, and gets some experience of, a part of itself.   As the Absolute develops, becomes aware of, and learns to control, its eruptions these become a coherent rhythm of activity, as portrayed in one of Andy’s ECEs:

Andy:  I saw a pair of strong hands and I held these.  They were Christ’s hands and they were offering strength and support.  I feel myself moving towards a vantage point where you see everything – a still centre.  Then I saw a gateway into a garden.  Christ led me through the gate and I left a part of me behind.  This was the collection of prejudices, fears and weaknesses that would get in the way – Christ and I are sitting on benches facing each other.  What do you wish to know? He says.

Guide:  In recent months we’ve been led to a Godhead and given a variety of images. Were these steps along the way that we can now discard and concentrate on the Absolute?

Andy:  I saw a revisualisation of these images.  This seemed to mean that we dealt with each thing as it appeared under our noses. At the end of the sequence Christ stepped aside to reveal a powerful blaze of golden light so that I was face to face with the Absolute.

 I see the Absolute with a great cloak of his creation spread out around him, and he takes everything in and fingers it all and I feel some kind of dissatisfaction, tension, impatience, the sense of something unresolved.  He’s picking out all the unresolved things he wants to work on.  Once he’s picked these out and identified them he lets everything go out again.  I see the things to be worked on as little golden rods and they glow while everything else is grey.  The Absolute finds these gold bars not as a few areas to be tidied up in a sea of perfection but according to what has gone before the next phase automatically presents itself, so that when the Absolute has dealt with these gold bars then another set of things will become prominent  — Just then the central figure looked up and said, ‘Don’t talk about the stages ahead.  I’ve got enough on my hands with this lot’.  Then he began to swing round and the cloak slowly pulls after him and then he stops and the cloak continues to turn and it winds itself around him.  Then he turns the other way and the cloak swings up and out and he stops again and it winds itself up the other way.  He does a dance turning and swinging this cloak around him, and he goes on and on.  The cloak gets larger as it works out from him, it gets more differentiated, breaking down into finer detail.  And I heard him say, ‘I breathe into my creation’, and I saw that as he breathed a ring of beads appeared extending it out further.  So by repeated impulses the Absolute is perfecting the creation that’s already there as well as advancing new creation.   It’s an endless process.  As fast as the Absolute is able to reach out and make a perfect creation there’s always more further out which is growing in a disharmonious way.

Guide:  And just one of these turns is our Universe, everything that we know?

Andy:  The age of our Universe is but the twinkling of an eye of this figure.

According to this ECE our Universe is one of a succession of Universes each of which develops out of, and realises new potentials in, the previous one, by which the totality (the Absolute) evolves.  The idea of everything being part of a ‘total system’ of evolution is in accord with the findings of science, in the sense that during the last century Darwin showed that life on Earth has evolved and astronomers showed that the Universe as a whole has evolved so that everything can be considered to be part of an evolving system.   If the fundamental feature of the Absolute/God/Creation, is that it is evolving, then any basic understanding has to be in terms of the principles of evolution and how these work, which we have tried to sketch out5.  It will not be achieved by breaking atoms down into smaller and smaller particles.

To be continued…..

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