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Avoiding Karma – 9

A more insidious form of karma can be observed in the need to collude. Collusion is that which mankind does to seek favour from others, to be part of “the” team, “the” group or someone of influence, who’s association with, we think will be … Continue reading

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Avoiding Karma – 8

Avoid being pulled into gossip. Never start gossip. Gossip is the most effective way to accrue negative karma experienced by mankind.

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The Source Entity on the subject of Awareness, Enlightenment and Ascension.

SE: Enlightenment is a result of allowing the awareness expand to the point of “knowing” and is a prelude to ascension. That is, when an individual “experiences” on a daily basis, god or cosmic consciousness in a robust and repeatable … Continue reading

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The Source Entity on 21/12/2012

SE: There has been much conjecture on the meaning of dates of spiritual importance, that they represent a mass ascension of some sort. When these days pass and nothing appears to be different, the sceptics roar with laughter and the … Continue reading

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Avoiding Karma – 7

Be of good cheer whilst incarnate. Surround yourself with like minded individuals and avoid those who drag you down by enticing you to be part of lower frequency actions.

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Avoiding Karma – 6

Stand back and consider the motivation behind your actions. Is it based upon need or greed, is it based upon service or selfishness. Any action that is based upon physical motivation is an attraction to negative karma.

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World Satsanga

We are now at max capacity for a video conference via SKYPE (the max being 24 attendees for a single conference). Those who are close enough with someone who is on the list to share a computer else of course participate. Others … Continue reading

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