The Spiritual Seed

A good spiritual friend of mine (CW) was given a metophoric message and asked me to decipher it for him – with a little help from the Source Entity.

I now think it is so wonderfully relavent to everyone who is just starting out on their spiritual path that I would like to share it with you as encouragement.

“Find the seed, shake the soil, spread the harvest, feed the planet.”

Find the seed  = Discover your own spiritual heritage and Gods love.

Shake the soil = Change your paradigm to accept that which will nurture you new spiritual existence.

Spread the harvest = Diligently work on your new spiritual life expanding your awareness, awakening and joyful experience in Spirit and God.

Feed the planet  = Tell others the joy that you have discovered in becoming aware and awakened to spirit and God, teaching them should they be ready.

About guystevenneedler

Pioneer in Spiritual Physics Spiritual Author, Healer, Reader, Channeller
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