Avoiding Karma – 23

Habits can be good and bad but the function of a habit is such that it is an automatic “invisible function” of that which we do every day, and as such is ignored by our “physical consciousness”.

Attention to what is habit and what is not is therefore a necessary prelude to success in the quest for attaining self-awareness and ultimately evolution. When you have understood what is habit and what is normal function the truth seeker should then separate out good habit from bad habit.

Good habits are those that lead to higher frequency existence and are ultimately supported by good like-minded people surrounding us. Good habits let us exist within the physical without being of the physical.

Bad habits keep our energies fixed within the low frequencies of the physical and therefore arrest our opportunity for evolution, perpetuating the need for incarnation.

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Pioneer in Spiritual Physics Spiritual Author, Healer, Reader, Channeller
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