Your Role is to Evolve

I created you to assist in my evolution. To do that which I cannot do efficiently without you. To experience, learn and evolve as a result of working with those frequencies that are my lowest. To work with the finest detail of the physical universe, that which is part of my full and energetic multiverse.

Recognize that this is your main role whilst incarnate. That you enter into incarnation only to experience that which is of the lowest  frequency base, to experience learn and evolve and  NOT get besotted by the sensations that the physical offers you.

This is your real goal in incarnate existence, stay with it, do not get distracted, know the greater reality of energetic existence.

Experience, Learn, Evolve and loose that which is of the physical. Make it a truly transient experience.

About guystevenneedler

Pioneer in Spiritual Physics Spiritual Author, Healer, Reader, Channeller
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