Avoiding Karma – 25

Be Caring – Gain High Frequencies:

  • Care about what you do.
  • Care about what you say.
  • Care about what you eat.
  • Care about what you drink.
  • Care about what you breathe.
  • Care about how you exercise.
  • Care about how you help.
  • Care about how you feel.
  • Care about your relationships.
  • Care about how others feel.
  • Care about your physical education.
  • Care about your spiritual education.
  • Care about those your love.
  • Care about those you don’t love – Love them too!.
  • Care about your home.
  • Care about your friends.
  • Care about your country.
  • Care about your planet.
  • Care about your universe
  • Care about your relationship with God.
  • Care about EVERYTHING.

And God will care about YOU!

About guystevenneedler

Pioneer in Spiritual Physics Spiritual Author, Healer, Reader, Channeller
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