Avoiding Karma – 46

Impatience is a precursor to frustration and its associate emotional responses. It is a product of being in the physical whilst retaining an energetic memory of working within the energetic. Whilst in the energetic you are able to affect changes instantaneously through pure intention, which creates thought and later actions based upon that thought.

In the low frequencies of the physical universe this is not possible but the memory of such function remains with the incarnate individual, hence the frustration when “things” do not happen straight away. In this instance the antidote is to remain in calmness and wait patiently for the fruits of your work to come into fruition.

Impatience does however have another lower frequency beginning which is a direct function of, and therefore has an association to, low frequency thoughts, ultimately coupling an entity to these low frequencies. In this instance the desire for “instant gratification”, a product of so called “modern times” where an individual simply cannot wait for that which is desired, pulls one down the frequencies. In this instance it negates the higher frequency thoughts of calmness and the joy of waiting for that which has been manifest to come into fruition, observing and wondering in awe at the processes that work behind the scenes to finalize that which has been manifest through intention, thought and action.

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