The Basics of Triangulation

Triangulation is a known and recognised phenomenon within the spiritual or scientific communities, although within the scientific community (it is used for surveying the land and other functions), it has an entirely different meaning. We sometimes call it the 100th Monkey Effect or Principal. From a spiritual or frequential perspective it operates in this manner:

When like minded people group together they tend to raise the base frequency of the group to an average above that experienced or achieved in the singular. That is not to say that an individual of higher frequency will loose that higher frequency when associated with a number of individuals in a group that are of a naturally lower frequency. They will be “dragged” upwards towards the natural average frequency of the group, should they be naturally below that average.  The rule of thumb is that those of a lower frequency are dragged up to a frequency equal to the average of the group. Those of a higher frequency, and therefore of a naturally higher evolutionary content, are not dragged down as a result of this association for they are aware of, and use, the methods needed to maintain and protect their own base frequency, hence them being a higher base frequency and evolution,

This in itself is similar to the 100th Monkey principal but the effect of triangulation occurs when a number of separate groups, groups who have experienced this effect of an increase in the personal frequencies of its group members due to the averaging effect of being in the “good” company of others who are of higher frequency, start to interconnect or commence a dialogue of some sort. In this instance those individuals that are associated with the members of the group, but who are not necessarily part of the group, are also affected in some positive way frequentially. This effect spreads as those who have their based frequencies increased, no matter how small an increase it may be, become enlightened in some small way as well, making them change their personal view point and behavioural patterns. They then pass on this increase by merely being in the same physical location as others, through family ties, acquaintance based friendships/associations or energetically through simply being “in the way” of the direct line of energetic communication between the topographical locations of the groups or the individuals within the groups. This increase also spreads in a similar way through the loose associations between individuals who are not group members but who are associated with group members. When there is a critical mass of group members and associated individuals, those “in the middle” so to speak, those who are topographically central to the physical location of the groups and localised and affected individuals are also affected. This results in the triangulation of the groups (the communication links) and individuals topographically positioned in the middle becoming stronger, allowing them to become one big “super group”, raising the base frequency of those individuals in the middle, those “in the way” as well, even though they have no association with, or a desire to have an association with, the  group members or their associates, exposing them to the higher frequencies of the average base frequency of the new “super group”, allowing them to become enlightened in some way that is concurrent with their new base frequency and their current evolutionary level. Everyone benefits from an increase in base frequency resulting from the effect of triangulation.

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8 Responses to The Basics of Triangulation

  1. Marita says:

    Thanks for this lengthy explanation, Guy. Am I correct when putting it in a nutshell as saying: When someone of a higher frequency gets together in a group of unequal frequencies (i.e. lower, apart from not loosing their higher frequency) will have an impact on raising the frequencies of lower entities. And whoever meets you or the people who have had their base frequencies increased will in turn have an effect on other people who in turn will also have their frequencies raised !!?
    In short, in my limited terms and understanding, I would put it down as the ‘snowball or landslide effect’.!? Correct?

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Yes to some extent each incarnate soul will be affected in a way that is equal to that which they can rise to without their own intervention and action. If this happens on a wide enough basis a snow ball effect (exponential or geometric cascade) upwards will occur.

  2. Timothy Tang says:

    Does this also work with groups that are on the internet such as Facebook groups? I have a Facebook group about 2012 ascension. You are welcome to join it to boost the average frequency of my group.

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Thank you Timothy,
      I will.

      And yes social networks do assist in Triangulation and are augmented by both physical and energetic connections.

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