Avoiding Karma – 55

Start every day as if it is a new day, as if it is your first day on earth. You have no troubles, you have no enemies, you have no worries, you have no concerns.

Consider that those things that one has to do, are a joy to do, that they are a challenge to be enjoyed, that those who you meet are also a joy to meet for it is the first time you have met them, and it is the first time they have met you. Ask what you can do for them without the need for reward. Consider that the area you exist in is a joy to be in, an opportunity for improvement, an opportunity for positivity. Be in the now and work in the now.

In this state of mind one has no predujicies, no preconceptions, no fears, no insurmountable actions that are impossible to complete- just the joy of being here, of being able to participate and be of service.

One is at peace.

About guystevenneedler

Pioneer in Spiritual Physics Spiritual Author, Healer, Reader, Channeller
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