Link to the recording of the World Satsanga held on 22nd September 2012

Dear Souls,

Please find below a link to the recording of the World Satsanga SKYPE tele conference held on 22nd September 2012. I link is also on the home page of my website (see the advert for the next conference), As this is an Apple Quicktime file it is best accessed via Google chrome as a web browser as it has a Quicktime plug-in as part of its functionality.




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4 Responses to Link to the recording of the World Satsanga held on 22nd September 2012

  1. As all the Satsangas, very interesting. I have some questions (and a lot to think):
    About gossip, what about social networks?
    When I am listening the Satsangas I am in the same event-space as it is happening, as you mention in some of them, does this create a parallel event also?
    Speaking about space-event, Is it possible then that I-we already lived¨, will live-experience (and in this case wouldn´t be ¨live… the right word to use) whatever we need to live or experience but we are not aweare of that?
    Thank you Guy

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Hi Adriana. Social networks are also a form of Gossip, if used in the same way.
      When you listen to the satsanga you enter into that event space, you don’t create a new event space or parallel event, except you would create a local event space where you didn’t listen to the satsanga if you actively had a choice of doing something else instead. Yes we have already lived, will live or are living right now. its just that this event space version of ourselves doesn’t know it. Good questions – Thank you and blessings. Guy

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