Avoiding Karma – 8 – A Significant Extension

Avoid being pulled into gossip. Never start gossip. Gossip is the most effective way to accrue negative karma experienced by mankind.


Gossip is a particularly insidious pastime as it drags the individual into the lower frequency energies of another, effectively boosting their energy. As more people join in the “Gossip” the gossip leader finds themselves at the center of a collective, created by energies that are usually focused upon the derision of another. This is the creation of a collective, and its synergetic effects, for the wrong reason, effectively linking the members of the collective to an energy sink, creating an “overlay” mentality, circumventing one own, destroying ones free will.

The antidote is to not get involved in gossip by finely tuning the observer self to look out for such discussion, and if already engaged,  suggest that one has no further comment and walk away.

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