Avoiding Karma – 63

Look after your physical body. Keep it well exercised, well nourished, well hydrated and well rested – mentally and physically.

Although attractions to the lower frequencies of the physical are normally attributed to the actions resulting from dysfunctional thought processes causing the additions and habits that anchor one to these low frequencies, a poorly maintained physical vehicle can act as an attraction with equal effectiveness. This is due to the mental focus one has on the aches and pains, tiredness, slowness and a lack of power due to being over-weight and un-fit, all ultimately resulting in mental and physical lethargy and a feeling of “giving up” because it’s TOO HARD TO CHANGE!.

Like attracts like and if one is in the doldrums of the lower frequencies of the physical then one will attract similar energies and the people associated with them.

Look after your body, and stay bright and healthy as a result, creating positive “high frequency” thought processes. Attracting positive thoughts and high frequency responses, including attracting those individuals of “like minded thoughts” will boost one up the frequencies, severing the attachment to low frequency functionality and avoiding karma as a result.

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