21/12/2012 and Beyond -Three Tier Ascension

The Source Entity advised us in a previous article that the ascension of the human vehicle through the frequencies was a gradual, sustainable and repeatable process that was happening on a regular basis.

It stated that:

Proof of a gradual ascension can be observed quite freely by the eagle eyed amongst you. The proof is the rise in the number of individuals becoming interested in “things of the spirit” and others becoming more “aware” of the greater reality, gaining contact with, or perceiving, those entities who operate in the energetic frequencies close to those of the physical and beyond. Other more physical proof can be seen in the rapid rise in the churn of new technology as “semi aware” individuals receive inspiration from the cosmic knowledge that they are now in contact with, on an unconscious basis, delivering to the physical world that which has been offered to them by spirit – the energetic. As mankind ascends higher and higher, more and more energetic functions will be available to those who are ready to renounce the physical and embrace the greater reality of the energetic, opening the door to existence in a higher frequential state. Although they will appear to disappear from physical perception of the human eye, they will be able, through training, to dip into the lower frequency aspect of the physical to interface with those who have not joined the ascension process, without detriment to themselves through creating an area of locally high frequency around them, protecting them from the effects of interfacing with the lower frequencies and the intoxicating attraction to physical sensation.

It also stated that:

The date 21/12/2012 is one such milestone along the road to ascension. Those that progress will leave those behind that do not progress, but only when there is a critical mass to do so. This also includes those who can be pulled up through triangulation. Those that stay behind will still be able to ascend, but they will do it in their own time and will therefore need a critical mass on this frequency that will allow them to do so. Based upon this, entities of a lower quality, those that are not the energetic genre of mankind, are being allowed to incarnate to make up this number. I call them “Back-Fill People”

Once the remainder of mankind is of the correct frequency to ascend the work of these back-fill people will be done and they will return to their normal energetic environment and pass on the experiences, learning and evolutionary content to their energetic race.

The Source elaborates on this:

Incarnate mankind, those that have ascended and those that have not, will therefore co-locate on the same planet but within different frequencies associated with it and the physical universe.

What was being described here is the first part of a three tier ascension process. Easing incarnate mankind, firstly in two parts, back up the frequencies to the point where low frequency incarnation is no longer necessary, the third part.

The Source continues:

This first part is the progression upwards though the lower frequencies to the point where incarnate mankind starts to become associated with, and therefore naturally reside within, the higher frequencies associated with the physical universe. The physical universe resides in the first full dimension which is constructed of three sub-dimensional components and twelve frequency bands.  When incarnate mankind resides normally within the twelfth frequency band within the first full dimension it will be ready for the next part of the ascension process, movement up to the next frequency band. The next frequency band, the thirteenth, however, is a component part, the first of twelve, of the first sub-dimensional component, of which there are three, of the second full dimension.

The second part of this ascension is therefore to gradually re-locate incarnate mankind, the earth and areas of locally high frequency within the physical universe and its other incarnate inhabitants, to this next frequency band, as incarnate individuals become capable of such a progression. When the earth and mankind is of a sufficiently high frequency they will therefore move into this next frequency on its own, but with a simulacrum universe that is a duplicate of the existing physical universe in place to allow mankind incarnate to continue to evolve and ascend without the shock of re-location. The remaining areas of low frequency within the physical universe will also have simulacrum aspects to make it look the same as it always had. At this point in the process, these other and remaining incarnate vehicles will be allowed to work with individualized free will, allowing them to also be part of the ascension process and subsequently earn the right to ascend to this new frequency.

When the whole universe is of the correct frequency the whole environmental structure will move up to the next full frequency, a simultaneous universe that is ready for all of those in the physical universe to move into, removing the need for the simulacrum structures in the above and below frequencies. When this happens the lower frequencies currently occupied by the structure of the physical universe (planets, galaxies, nebulae etc.) will be closed off because it will no longer be needed.

All incarnate vehicles will eventually evolve to the point of not needing to be used in such low frequencies, leading to the next part, a part three, in which your true energetic selves will no longer need to incarnate at all, for when you have moved the incarnate vehicles up to the fourteenth frequency this will be the last frequency where a “physical” vehicle will be necessary, for the fifteenth frequency is too fine to support such grossness. The third tier ascension is therefore the shedding of the need to incarnate.

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