Avoiding Karma – 69

Coercion is a trait that should be avoided at all costs if one is to avoid karma that is generated by the persuasion of others to do ones bidding rather than oneself. In fact, whereas persuasion is based upon the presentation of compelling evidence to support the desire to change the direction of the thought process of the individual who is the focus of the “discussion”, coercion is insidious, personality, threat, business/social position or favor based pressure that is brought into play to support the demands of the coercer.

To avoid Karma resulting from the use coercion one should therefore observe the methods one uses to negotiate, when negotiation is required. Ensuring that only pure thoughts and true evidence are used in the negotiation process and not personality and position based persuasion are used to gain the decision required. Favor to another, if requested, should be given to the requestor “in service” and therefore not come into play in any way as a means of coercion.

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