Avoiding Karma – 72

Crime of any sort creates Karma and it is a crime to create Karma through knowing what is, according to the law “wrong” and what is, according to the law “right”, and then choosing to do wrong.

Although it is recognized in many spiritual circles that there is no right or wrong, no positive or negative, that there is only experience, it is a very wise incarnate that knows that there are certain paths that one must take in order to maximize the evolutionary opportunity whilst within the lower frequencies of the universe, the Earth Plane. The incarnate entity must recognize that there is a need to reduce the number of incarnations necessary to ascend beyond the need for incarnation based evolution.

Committing a crime in this instance is not only an effective way of creating Karma, it is also an effective way to reduce, and even stop, one’s evolutionary growth. Stopping or reducing ones evolutionary growth opportunity is therefore, a crime in itself – perpetuating Karma.

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2 Responses to Avoiding Karma – 72

  1. Erik says:

    I’m curious; what are the karmic dynamics in the hypothetical situation of a person…let’s say cornered by a lethal assailant? If that person defends themself or protects the physical bodies of others who too are being perpetrated by an aggressor? How does karma play upon the defender in this scenario if he injures or kills the aggressor?

    • guystevenneedler says:

      In this instance it is difficult, for the defender enters into the Karmic link of the attacker by injuring or killing the attacker. The age old saying “turn the other cheek” is the only option open to the aware incarnate being attacked becasue in turning the other cheek one offers ones life to the attacker in full knowledge of the fact that they are not entering into the Karmic link of the attacker, even though the attacker enters into the Karmic link of the victim, who is not affected from a frequential or evolutionary perspective by accepting the attack and its consequences.

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