Avoiding Karma – 73

Knowingly and deliberately doing physical harm to one’s own “human” incarnate vehicle is to defile the very temple that one resides within, even though our residence is on a temporary basis.

Knowingly and deliberately doing physical harm to another’s “human” incarnate vehicle is not the behaviour of an evolved “incarnate” individual and invokes tremendous karma and low frequency attachment, especially when the act of “doing harm” brings pleasure.

Clearly one can and does have accidents when embarking upon experiential work when one is incarnate, and this is accepted, as is the “experiential content”, learning and subsequent evolutionary aspect of experiencing the results of accidental damage of the human vehicle, for these are ultimately part of the life plan.

Deliberately damaging the incarnate vehicle in some way to perpetuate its existence “in general”, such as with amputation, surgery etc., is acceptable though. This is because the reasons for such actions are understood and recognized as part of the plan.

The antidote in all instances is to respect, maintain and nurture the human vehicle, recognizing its true worth, importance and longevity. In this way one also respects the “vehicles” of others whilst also recognizing its necessity for evolutionary growth of the incumbent spirit.

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2 Responses to Avoiding Karma – 73

  1. Erik says:

    Would this include being a drug addict? Alcoholic? Smoking cigarettes? Clearly a depressed person that cuts themself is creating karma. And if a person does bring harm to their physical body and then later came across this information you posted; how would they then go about…remedying the karma created?

    • guystevenneedler says:


      Reversal of the personal and individualized condition is only achieved by the individual incarnate recognizing the condition that they are in and taking active steps to reverse the situation to one of independence of the addiction – for the duration of the incarnation. Many have achieved this level of reversal and they act as inspiration to those within the condition. It is hard work, but when achieved is beneficial beyond recognition from an evolutionary perspective.

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