Avoiding Karma – 83

Love is the true antidote to all karmic influences. When one is “in love” one is in peace and harmony with everything and everyone.
This is not love in the human sense but in the spiritual or energetic sense. Human love is based upon physical attraction, whereas spiritual/energetic love is based upon an understanding, and full appreciation of, the interconnectedness of everything that “is”.
When one experiences “true love” one understands the underlying reasons for everything that happens around them. Everything that is done by everything and everyone has a purpose and a meaning, and when this is recognized and understood as such even so called wrong doing is recognized as having a purpose. The purpose being experience, learning from that experience and subsequently gaining evolutionary content.
Being in “true love” then allows one to be in complete understanding of the process of incarnate existence. It allows one to see the beauty in everything and everyone, forgiving wrong doing even before it happens, having no enemies, only fellow incarnates striving to evolve in the way they are, everything being in divine order.
When one is in “true love” one bears no ill feelings, does nothing to attract low frequency thoughts, helps everything and everyone whatever the circumstance, and in the process does not incur karma.

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2 Responses to Avoiding Karma – 83

  1. Eva says:

    I would add: if we are weak sometimes and still fall in some low feeling or thought, the fastest way to get rid of it is to surrender that thought or feeling to the Universe ( God, Guide, Master… ), bless it, apologize to the person or animal that it happened and apologize to yourself.
    It helps to go back in state of unconditional love again.

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Ah! The trick is though, in the recognition for the need to surrender the thought to the universe and seek universal forgiveness. Unless one can do this one stays in the low frequencies. The ability to recognize such personal weakness is the key to high frequency existence and thoughts. Thank you Eva. Guy

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