Avoiding Karma – 92

Retrospective karma is based upon being pulled back into discussions or arguments about that which occurred in the past or previous event spaces (times). When one is drawn into discussion (gossip) about that which happened in the past, one is not only attracted to the low frequency existence that is based upon that event space, but also those low frequency events that were in action in the previous event space leading up to the low frequencies. This results in a “total immersion” based recollection of that experienced frequentially.
Therefore, karma accrues in two ways; that which could be accrued currently, and that which is accrued by living in the past – retrospectively.
We exist in event space, not time and as such event space has no boundaries.  Event space exists concurrently and as a result all that is related to what we call time; the past, the present and the future, all exist simultaneously in different “spheres” of events in a specific area of space which pervades the multiverse and beyond. Because event space is always with us it is easy to accrue karma retrospectively, and, many incarnates attract karma in this way.
The only antidote is to live in the moment, refusing to be drawn into discussions about previous bad events or what bad event could happen in the future based upon current trends. To do this one should offer thanks to the antagonist and bid them good day, seeking instead good spiritually aware company.

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4 Responses to Avoiding Karma – 92

  1. Eva says:

    Being pulled back into discussions about that which occurred in the past or previous event spaces (times) helps only in cases, when we are talking about good, positive things, about how we were active, alive, creative, happy, productive, compassioned, dedicated to something positive… It attrack that positive energy we already experienced and which is maybe forgotten.
    Thank you for your perfect explanation of creating karma, it will help many people to understand.

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