Avoiding Karma – 94

Cyclic Karma is repetitive. It repeats itself in a known cyclic fashion when the incarnate has not quite learnt a specific lesson well enough to ensure that exposure to it will result in the correct “educated” action. Its function is therefore to check ones learning of the process that made the Karmic link in the first place, exposing the incarnate to similar experiences that achieve the same Karmic result if the original is not recognized.
When the processes that result in same or similar experiences are recognized, then actions can be put in place to ensure the correct response/s are made when exposed to these experiences, breaking the cycle of cyclic Karma.
In this instance the antidote is for the incarnate to be vigilant, looking out for that which repeats itself to them and noting how they respond, endeavouring not to repeat responses that result in the lesson not being fully learnt, and the Karmic link being repeated.

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