Avoiding Karma – 101

Appreciation through mindfulness also allows one to experience the minute detail of physical existence. For example, the work behind the presentation of the food we eat:

From the planting of a seed, the growing and nurturing of the vegetable, the harvesting of the crop, the washing and preparing for sale, the delivery from the farmer to the shop, to our larder, from our larder to the cooker, the work of the cook or chef, from the cooker to our plate, the taste we experience, the energy we gain, the zest we feel when energized by the food.

When one is appreciative, through mindfulness of the recognition of the work required to deliver what we need in our everyday incarnate existence we offer no negativity and are grateful for what we receive, irrespective of what it is. We give thanks and encouragement, promoting high frequency responses in the process, avoiding the potential low frequency responses relating to Karma.

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2 Responses to Avoiding Karma – 101

  1. Mary says:

    Just learnt that they plan to preserve Chaves’ body. Would you think that the consciousness has left the physical already, or would you think this action will trap the consciousness in the physical? In cases where people are in a coma for years and being kept alive, is it possible for the physical to live without the consciousness or are we just creating a false hope for ourselves?

    • guystevenneedler says:

      A physical body will not operate without the energetic content, that which we call the soul. Chaves energetic component will have left after three days. Those bodies in coma that are not occupied by a soul can be kept functional but not operational due to our technology. Those in coma that re-gain consciousness after a number of years are operating to a greater plan, with the energetic component either wanting to experience this state or allowing a “walk in” soul to take over the body. Coma does not trap the energetic unless it is planned for experiential growth.

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