Change Without Starts From Within

No one person, no matter how powerful or influential they are, can change the world or even consider starting to change the world, without first changing themselves from within.

Many people who are changed from within though, can change the world that is without with ease.

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4 Responses to Change Without Starts From Within

  1. Marita Betts says:

    It took me a while but I realized .. also a while back, that I cannot change the world but my way of thinking and approach to it. Thus change will follow suit, as I have stated a while back on my fb page as well. Marita Betts

  2. Erik says:

    This insight dawned on me some years ago and it’s been one of the most profound realizations in my adult life (change within vs changing that which is outside). I’d heard the saying in one form or another for quite a while but until it actually sank into me and I began to apply it, did I then become aware of it’s utter and critical role in the lives we live and how we manifest meaningful change in the world.

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