Be Careful What You Think About

Thought is a function of our intention to act in a certain way. It is also part of the process resulting in, or leading up to, creativity – OF ANY KIND.

The creativity process we go through is a simple one but it requires ‘Action’ to be the penultimate function of the process and ‘Thought’ to be the middle process. In this process thought is a product of intention and action is the product of thought.

When we act upon something, whether it is a creative or destructive act we move through the process of:


Incarnate mankind considers that thought is the start of the process and ignores the possibility that there is intention behind the thought. Because ‘Thought’ is a product of ‘Intention’ we have significant energetic inertia by the time the thought comes into play.

The opportunity we have as incarnates with individualized free will, is that we have the ability to stop this inertia and change the intention in the process, resulting in no action, or a change in the action necessary for creation, for better or worse.

So, when you catch yourself thinking, be clear on what the product of the thought will be. And, more importantly, what the intention was behind the thought.

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6 Responses to Be Careful What You Think About

  1. Trinity333 says:

    to me, what’s behind intention would be feeling and emotions, may be also colored by wishes and desires!?

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Hi Velda,

      Feelings emotions wishes and desires are all physical products of intention. This is because they are part of thought and transference. Blessings. Guy

  2. Adrian B. says:

    I remember this. We talked about this in the workshop. It makes a lot of sense. Sometimes it can feel like a feat. Just got to remember it’s all an illusion.

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