Traversing the Frequencies workshop Graduates Level 3 Arkansas

I am delighted to give my Love and sincere congratulations to the first Arkansas Level 3  Graduates of the Traversing the Frequencies workshop, held in Springdale, Arkansas on 18th July 2013

They are:
Maria Bode & Paul Knutson

They are One with the Source, The Source is One with Them – They ARE THE SOURCE

These graduates have demonstrated the diligence and commitment required to create a robust and permanent communicative link with the Source Entity (God), and as a result have personally communicated with  the Source and its creator, The Origin. They are the future.

Level 3 Traversing the Frequencies Graduates July 2013 Arkansas

Level 3 Traversing the Frequency Graduates July 2013 Arkansas


Guy Steven Needler

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Pioneer in Spiritual Physics Spiritual Author, Healer, Reader, Channeller
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