The Darker Side of the Light 10 of 20

This is the tenth of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: Why do most religions of the world believe that God created hell for the purpose of condemning rebellious souls to hell?

SE: Firstly there is no such place as Hell. It simply does not exist. However, there is reference to a location on the Earth that had a similar name that was volcanic in nature. The ground had high sulphur content and was unable to grow crops. Exile to this location was sometimes used as a threat to keep the population in order.

As for religions believing that I, your Source, your God, created such a location, either on the Earth or within the multiverse purely for the condemnation of rebellious souls, this is a misguided belief. Why would I want to condemn any soul, which is ultimately an individualised unit of my own sentience and energies, to a place of punishment when I unreservedly love every part of me, and, welcome all that they do, experience and create – I would not!

All religions have a common source, a common level of understanding about how to exist in the incarnate state whilst not attracting karma. That is, not becoming addicted to the low frequency sensory pleasures and materiality that can be so intoxicating in the physical.

Self-realized individuals, the so called ‘starters’ of certain religions, advised on how to deal with incarnate existence and taught how to be in the physical whilst not being of the physical. The result of not following the simple rules taught being broadcast as an almost helpless state to get into where one can fully believe that they are forsaken of God. This is because the frequencies of one addicted to low frequency sensory pleasures and materiality are such that they develop a personality, an ‘ego’ that is separate from their true energetic self. The true energetic self is in constant communion with its creator, me and so this ego, in remembrance of communion with God, feels alone, unloved and unwanted.

Based upon this self-realized individuals ‘strongly’ taught the population of the need to behave, to separate oneself from the low frequency attractions of the physical lest they become addicted to it and separate from God. It was used as a threat.

Religions therefore originally used simple language to control the simple, ‘general populous’ in an attempt to steer them away from low frequency existence because such a condition is indeed a horrendous place to be, and, it could be classified as Hell!

Know this though; every soul can be saved and no soul is left in this condition, no matter how rebellious they are.  No soul is left out of communion; no soul is condemned to Hell!

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2 Responses to The Darker Side of the Light 10 of 20

  1. Terezinha says:

    Okay not becoming addicted to the low frequency sensory pleasures and materiality that can be so intoxicating in the physical, therefore attracting Karma–What about want more money to have a comfortable life, to give good education for our children–is it attracting Karma–because it is material things I am wishing for?. Please clarify it. Thank you,Terezinha

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Hi Terezina,

      Yes it is Karma, any wishing for material things/wealth is karma. Blessings Guy

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