Advice for those at the start of their spiritual path

The advice I would give people who are just starting out is that they need to be discerning and go with the information that feels right to them.

Strip away the personality of the teacher from the information and look for the commonalities in all teachings.

We are here to do Gods will and we do this by ensuring we experience, learn and evolve, meeting our Earthly commitments with joy in our hearts, being of service to others and ascending towards communion with our creator.

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Pioneer in Spiritual Physics Spiritual Author, Healer, Reader, Channeller
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4 Responses to Advice for those at the start of their spiritual path

  1. John Marshall says:

    Great advice….as always spot on!

  2. Ellen Leonard says:

    Serving God with our gifts and abilities has nothing to do with being likeable. I’m glad that you mentioned about the message resonating.

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Hi Ellen, Correct.The greatest spiritual leaders sometimes created fear in their disciples as a result of the dedication they had and expected of their disciples.

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