The Darker Side of the Light 14 of 20

This is the fourteenth of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth. In this instance it is answered by The Origin.

Q:  What is the spiritual benefit of people being possessed by Demons?

O: There are no such things as Demons. However there are such things as lower frequency or what might be defined as ‘Astral’ entities.

Astral entities, although low frequency, exist in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th frequencies of the multiverse and can therefore latch onto the energies associated with these levels of the human energy field or aura. They cannot exist above or below these frequencies.

They cannot metabolize their own energy and so they need a host. This host must be under their control in some small way to deflect their hosts attention away from being attached to them energetically, so the astral entity gives them something in return.

The feelings of physical power, metal power, coercion and information on what to do next, based upon an overlay of  the astral entities precognition that are given to the host, are so intoxicating that they bypass the feeling that something is not quite right with them. They accept how they feel energetically as being how they feel normally and this level of acceptance of the new “depleted but powerful” self is accepted surprisingly quickly.

As time goes by the host and the entity work in tandem together, the one being used to, and in expectation of, the rewards given by the other. And so, the astral entity through giving rewards or feelings of power etc is able to passively control the host. This is passive possession because the hosts personality, is, to all intents and purposes unchanged. With the exception of a few enhancements that is.

A more aggressive version of possession by an astral entity is seen when it wants to ‘become’ the host. That is, the incarnate aspect or soul projected into the human vehicle by the true energetic self. It can’t though, because it’s the wrong energy signature. Because its desire to become the host is so overwhelming, the astral entity tries to affect what it cannot affect. In this process the entity experiences the total disharmony of its frequencies with the host and suffers accordingly, the host displaying disturbing “out of character” personality changes as a result.

Although they may appear to be abhorrent (they attain the appearance of the images we fear the most as a method of control), they are easily removed by someone with the right skill and intention and are nothing to worry about.

I make a point here though that there is no benefit of being possessed by an astral entity.

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4 Responses to The Darker Side of the Light 14 of 20

  1. Ellen Leonard says:

    I was wondering if by keeping our own frequencies high, the possession cannot attach. Did I understand that correctly?

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