Traversing the Frequencies Level 1 Correspondence Course Audio

Dear Souls,

We are delighted to announce that the Audio version of the Traversing the Frequencies (TTF) Level 1 Correspondence Course has been published and is now available for purchase. The Audio version also includes the PDF version. The PDF version can still be purchased seperately.

The student will be able to attend a physical Level 2 workshop or be accepted for the Level 2 Correspondence Course when 10 hours of personal practice has been logged and submitted. Evidence should be sent to this email address:

Feed back I have received from Level 1 Correspondence Course students is equal to that experienced on a physical workshop.

The course is certificated and is a prerequisite for attendance at a “physical” Level 2 workshop if a physical Level 1 has not been attended.

This link takes you to the Correspondence Course page of my website.

A homework package to gain the necessary experience allowing the student to qualify to take Level 2 is included.

Costs £45.00

Payment is accepted via Paypal by using the “send money” function to



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