The Road to the White Children 1 of 3 – The Hybrid Children

During the many readings I have performed for my clients I have noticed an increasing trend. That the result of questions about the children of spiritual people has revealed that, some of them do not conform to the norm. The norm being the classification I can make about their spirituality based upon their base frequency and the association with the nomenclature currently used – that being Rainbow, Indigo or Crystal. Each of these children has their own base frequency and their own personal and world spiritual role.

Each of them has been a frequential progression from the other. Each of them being borne with the underlying intension to increase the base frequency of the population of the entire planet by triangulation (assention through association) and by example – in a linear way.

Each of them has had their own their own trials and tribulations as well as they try to adapt to an environment that is essentially lower in frequency than they are designed for, but are to designed to increase.

I have discovered that the Earth is not increasing its frequencies in a homogeneous way, that in the base frequency there are areas of locally high frequency and areas of locally low frequency and that none of the previous children can operate effectively in this environment. This inefficiency appears to have resulted in the need for a hybrid, a child that has all the characteristics of the Rainbow, Indigo and Crystal children, one that can operate effectively in any frequency that is manifest on earth.

The hybrid children are both high frequency, resilient and effective in increasing the frequency of the Earth and its population in the landscape of a dynamic frequential environment. They are infinitely more effective than that of the previous three genres of spiritually advanced children.

The number of hybrid children I have detected has been increasing and has resulted in my making further discoveries…….

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6 Responses to The Road to the White Children 1 of 3 – The Hybrid Children

  1. Thanks for this great series. Would you please elaborate on the base frequency and role/function of Rainbow vs. Indigo vs. Crystal children? According to Doreen Virtue, the newer generations born on our planet are: Indigo children (born 1975-1995), who have very masculine energy, Crystal children (born thru 2015) with very feminine energy and Rainbow children (born since 2000, whose parents are crystal adults) with perfectly balanced male and female energy. Is this true or just one aspect of their energies? Thanks for your help as always, Ulla

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Hi Ulla I will elaborate on the next Satsanga but in essence they are progressions from each other and bring in new higher frequency energies with them. Blessings Guy

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