The Road to the White Children 3 of 3 – The White Children

I have had the honor of meeting the mother of one of these White Children. She asked me for a reading. She had no idea of what she was or what her child, a daughter, was – and, until I read her, neither did I.

In fact I had no idea that we were due to have a new breed of child that are above and beyond the Rainbow, Indigo, Crystal and Hybrid children.

She is an individual of the highest evolutionary level I have ever had the privilege to meet.

She is a very humble person, very fitting for such a role.

As I “logged into” this single child I was to discover that these children are to be of an extremely high evolutionary level, one higher than their parent/s, one equal to what we would call an “ascended master”. Whilst not being one of those enlightened beings, these children are of the same genre of energy and frequency. They are to be the new ascended masters a new generation of saviors for planet Earth.

During the reading I was astonished to discover that her child was one of only twelve children to be borne of this quality, that there are to be no others.

Each child is to be borne in a different location on the Earth, equi-spaced to each other to maximize the advantage of triangulation, to maximize the opportunity of ascension through association.

I was to discover that these children are to be borne progressively over the next fifty years, and that, although we may not know them as world leaders, they will significantly affect our progressive rate of ascension.

Pray that you are privileged to meet one of them as I have.

We are blessed indeed in this new era of enlightenment.

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14 Responses to The Road to the White Children 3 of 3 – The White Children

  1. Ellen says:

    How can we help these white children? Is there something they wish us to do?

  2. Hi Guy,
    Thanks for sharing this most exciting news! Are these children projected from a True Energetic Self in one of the higher full dimensions in our multiverse OR are they reunited into Source Entity One? What about the mothers?

    Are the White children manifesting on Earth as fully aware, fully functional high frequency aspects in a body from birth (like Jesus) OR do they develop that later in life (like Buddha)?

  3. chris woods says:

    Is it their Ora they are named the white to meet one. namaste

  4. Interestingly, the concept of “silent ascension avatars” has been described in the Voyagers 1&2 books (by A. Deane). According to Deane, the identities and geographical locations of these “master souls” will be undisclosed to the public during the ascension period. By age 12, they begin awakening to their service mission, which they start by age 22. But their mission won’t be revealed to the masses until age 33. She said 6 of these ascension avatars will be born 4 years apart during the years 1992-2012, and that the first will carry 7 “activated DNA strands” and the last will activate 12 strands in their genetic code.

    Clearly, the timing is off compared to what you’ve been given (next 50 yrs), but the concept may hold. In your view, does the “activation” of DNA strands have anything to do with these master souls? Or is it beyond biomarkers? Thanks for your guidance, Ulla

    • guystevenneedler says:

      Hi Ulla, Time is not a concept used outside of the Earth Sphere and so is subject to error, in all cases of quotation. And yes the DNA strands mean nothing in real terms for the functions are purely energetic in nature. Blessings Guy

  5. Gwynneth Elias says:

    We are truly blessed to be privy to this information, evidence indeed of the amazing time that we have chosen to experience………….with love and gratitude, Namaste xxxx

  6. Chris says:

    Life just keeps getting stranger and stranger!

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