What is the Ego and how does it affect Our Spiritual Progression?

In Human terms the ego can be loosely recognized as a state of beingness. That beingness can be described as; if someone is considered to have a “big ego”, they are considered to think a lot of themselves and are ambitious. These people are usually highly materialistic and not in control of their thoughts. Conversely, if someone is considered to have little or no ego they are considered to be introvert or lacking in ambition. They are usually not very materialistic and are generally in control of their thoughts.

In both of these cases the ego is the controlling factor in our daily incarnate lives. The size of the ego alluding to the level of control the ego has on us. So, if the ego has control of us what is it exactly?

The ego is a creation, a temporary creation. It is created as a result of an aspect (soul) of our True Energetic Self (TES – sometimes called the Over Soul, Godhead or Higher Self) being separated out from the TES and projected into the lowest frequencies associated with our  multiversal environment, to experience learn and evolve in an accelerated way.

To experience this evolutionary acceleration the aspect (soul) must enter into the frequencies in the way they are best experienced, as if it were part of them. To do so it needs to associate itself with a vehicle which it can animate energetically. This vehicle is, in our instance, the human form. Notice I said “form” and not “body”. It is classified as the human form because it uses 10 frequency levels to create it. Three gross physical, four spirituo-physical – the partially energetic condition that makes up the semi physical/energetic components of the human form – sometimes called the “Astral”, and three energetic frequencies that allow the TES to project an aspect of itself, complete with sentience, in an energetic “step down” function that allows partial communication between the aspect and the TES whilst associated with the lower frequencies that make up the human form.

This condition of being in “partial communication”, or even almost “zero communication” is what creates the ego. The ego is therefore a condition where the sentience associated with the energies that are the aspect (soul) associate themselves in an isolated or individualized way with the gross physical aspect of the human form, the “body”. They “are” the human body.

The ego is a temporary or transient condition because it can only exist whilst the human form is operational (alive), and, when we are not self-realized. When the human form demises (dies) it dissolves, although the experiential memories of what we are whilst incarnate are not lost because they are always transmitted to the TES in parallel with the experience itself.

The ego can also be dissolved if we work on our spiritual development and regain contact with our TES or higher self. The ego knows this and does everything in its power to stay in control, in power, “alive” for as long as it can, and so will work hard on arresting our spiritual progression.

As incarnate aspects of our TES our main role is to become spiritually self-realized whilst incarnate, resuming communication with our TES in the process, working in the physical whilst not being of the physical. In this condition there is no room for the ego and it dissolves. The ego knows this and is patient, sly and resourceful and can use convoluted methods to trick and fool us into thinking we have mastered it. It infuses us with feelings of self-consciousness, failure, depression, success, materialism, status and pride. Success and pride are two emotions the ego uses with skill because we can feel these emotions as a result of being pleased with our spiritual progress. And, when it uses these to the best of its ability we can “think” we are making spiritual progress when in effect we are not. Notice how some of the most spiritual people also have the biggest egos!

The very moment we think that we have mastered the ego we have lost the battle and the ego is back in control of us and our thoughts, and, we lose some of our spiritual progression. So stay aware, stay observant by observing yourself in a passive and non-judgmental way and look for the signs of the ego rising within you, then act upon it and continue your spiritual progression and your goal of becoming self-realized whilst incarnate.



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7 Responses to What is the Ego and how does it affect Our Spiritual Progression?

  1. John Marshall says:

    Beautiful Guy, Clear and concise as always…..

  2. Belinda Needle Matayosian says:

    So very true how the ego stops our spiritual growth.

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  4. Thank you, Guy! This is so pertinent to all of us on our journey, that I’ve cross posted this at my blog:
    Guy Needler 10-11-14… “What is the Ego and how does it affect Our Spiritual Progression?” | Big Picture Questions

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