Energy and Vibrational Healing

“Natural Healing Using Natures Basic Principals”

What is Energy & Vibrational Healing?

Energy and vibrational healing is a gentle non-invasive therapy. It heals the physical manifestation of dis-ease which results from imbalances in the human energy field. These imbalances are created by mis-perceptions of events encountered during our early years of life that are reflected on the body’s energy system. These ultimately create physical dis-ease and dysfunction.

Energy and vibrational healing usually requires light placement of the practitioner’s hands over different areas of the client’s body. It is normally carried out with the client lying on a therapy table, in order to promote good relaxation. The session may leave you feeling in a rather different state than usual, so that it is best not to drive immediately after a healing.

What Are the Healing Techniques Used?

There are a number of healing techniques that can be employed during the healing process and some of these are mentioned below:

  • Chelation (basic energy balancing)
  • Chakra reconstruction
  • Organ reconstruction
  • Past life healing
  • Psychic surgery
  • Auric level reconstruction
  • Astral entity removal
  • Astral mucus clearing
  • Virus clearing
  • Spine cleansing
  • Brain balancing
  • Hara line healing

A more in-depth description can be found in Barbara Brennan’s books, Hands of Light and Light Emerging

How Much Does a Healing Cost?

Fee per hour session: –

The current cost of a Healing with Guy is US $100, £60 or €75. Payments are accepted on PayPal. Please use the following email address when sending money via Paypal: beyondthesource@btinternet.com

Payment before the appointment is required.

48 hours notice is required for cancellations.

Contact Guy for more information or to book a healing session.